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SoPure sanitizers and dispersal devices are designed to not only provide individuals and businesses with highly effective tools against germs and viruses, but also an optimal user experience.

The original SoPure formula was first developed in the midst of the 2003 SARS pandemic by EnviroServe’s Toronto-based co-founders, Tamar and Arthur Matossian. They wanted to keep their two young daughters safe but were unable to find a sanitizer that didn’t leave their skin feeling icky or dry. Arthur, a chemist, got to work devising a formula to solve the problem. The outcome was so good that they decided to make a business of it. Now, with 2 decades of research and development, consumer feedback and word-of-mouth growth, SoPure™ has become one of Canada’s most trusted and beloved sanitizers.

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Zofia Mejias
I love everything about it. The product is absolutely the BEST, using all the time since last March! Time for a new order!
Ruzanna Davidyan
When we're out for a walk, we always use SoPure sanitizers. Best sanitizers ever, locally made, easy to use, just spay and go, smells good, hydrates you're skin and kills all the germs and also the cool thing that the bottles are reusable and refillable. My favourite #sopuresanitizers
Corey Rainville
We found this amazing product. Most sanitizers are harsh on the hands after one use. This product is amazing. No bad smells gentle on hands (especially on my kids' hands who use it all day long). I had the chance to meet Tamar and Arthur at SoPure today. Amazing people with an amazing product. I recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin that has been chewed up by other hand sanitizers.

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